The Outlook Fund



Fund raising for the Outlook Fund started in October 2009. Donations will be administered as a permanent endowment fund by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation. 5% of the fund will be applied each year to projects for the benefit of disadvantaged children in Cambridgeshire, with a focus on the more than 400 looked after children.

Donations to the Outlook Fund, which have been given in amounts of up to 45,000, stand at 182,631. A further 14,000 has been raised through Gift Aid. Together with 172,369 of matching funding from central Government under its Grassroots Grants Challenge Scheme and 150,000 from Cambridgeshire County Council (which is being paid in ten annual instalments) the total of the Outlook Fund, including these future instalments, now stands at 519,000.

The Outlook Fund is enormously grateful to its donors, who are listed below.

Major Donors (who have donated 10,000 or more)

Hauser Raspe Foundation
Jake Charitable Trust
Milner, Jonathan & Rosie
Reid, Alex & Sian
Swann, Robert & Mandy

In addition two major donors have given anonymously.

Other Donors

Bowen, Anthony
Cantrill, Rod
Clare College
Downes, Peter
Hobson, Harry
Jesus College
Kenney, Gail
Kent, Anne & Ian
Rigg, John
Sam, Anne & John
Stern, Miranda
van de Ven, Susan
West, Richard
Whelan, Fiona


The Outlook Fund works to improve the lives of Cambridgeshire children facing difficulty and disadvantage, with a focus on the more than 400 looked after children.
The Outlook Fund is administered by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.

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